Parks & Recreation Department

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Mission Statement
The MISSION of the Municipality of Springfield Parks and Recreation Department is to provide innovative health, recreation and wellness opportunities for the residents of Springfield. As a department, we will endeavour to deliver diverse and enriching programming to people of all ages and abilities through the creation and maintenance of high quality programs, facilities and community special events.
Municipality of Springfield Parks and Recreation Department Objectives:
  • Provision of well maintained, safe and accessible parks, green spaces, and recreation facilities
  • Delivery of efficient services to Springfield residents regardless of income, background or ability
  • Effective and responsive strategic planning for both the short and long-term needs of Springfield residents
  • Continually strive to improve existing facilities while seeking opportunities for future development
  • Create and foster constructive partnerships with diverse array of Springfield community clubs and committees towards improving the quality of life for all residents
Springfield Summer Camps 2018
Welcome to Springfield Summer Camps, an initiative of the Springfield Parks and Recreation Department. We are pleased to offer a traditional day camp experience for children 4 – 12 years old. Campers can expect a well-rounded and diverse camp experience, with participation in programs ranging from sports, to arts and crafts, baking, active games, science activities and cooperative programming. Participants will enjoy visits from special guests, field trips, as well as some beach days throughout the summer.
Springfield Summer Camps strives to provide the ideal camp environment and a unique opportunity for children to learn valuable skills while establishing new friendships. Programming is designed to be challenging, personally enriching, educational, and most importantly, fun. We believe camp provides an opportunity for personal growth, increased self-esteem, skill development and lasting friendships. We hope to create a space for campers in which they can both learn to work cooperatively while gaining confidence in their unique abilities as individuals.