The Springfield Police Cadet Corps (SPCC)

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Springfield Police Cadet Corps (SPCC)



The Springfield Police Cadet Corps (SPCC) aim is to develop and implement a sustainable program that engages youth at a number of different levels.  

The Cadet Corps is based on the Canadian Military Cadet Programs (Army, Navy, and Air) that have been successfully operated for over 100 years. The Springfield Police Cadet Corps focuses on policing, while providing youth with leadership, citizenship, education, physical fitness, camaraderie, and experiences to support their personal development as positive current and future leaders in the community.

The Springfield Police Cadet Corps gives youth the unique opportunity to participate in the Cadet fraternity while experiencing the world of policing and the importance of community. This program is for youth aged 13 to 17.5 years of age. 


Mission:  To develop in youth the attributes of good citizenship and leadership, to promote physical fitness, and to stimulate interest in the work of law enforcement.

Motto:  Valour, Integrity, Pride.

Curriculum projects:  The objective for all projects is to develop leadership skills and strategies.

- Life Skills


- first aid,

- physical fitness,

- team based activities,

- public speaking,

- healthy lifestyles.

- cultural Awareness 

- Camaraderie ( espirit de corps  )

- Fostering leadership abilities. 30 hours volunteer service with the community serving organizations, civic ceremonies, and Springfield celebrations.

Career Development/Orientation

Applicant letters and resumes, job search, interview techniques


Contact information:

Phone: (204) 444-4308



SPCC Cadet Application Form

Once completed please mail, email, or drop off in-person to the Springfield Police Service

Between Mon - Fri 8:30am-4:30pm at Unit 2-686 Main St in Oakbank

Checklist for Cadet Applications

Emergency Contact and Medical Information for a Child

SPCC Waiver Form

SPS Child Media Release Form