The History of Springfield Heritage Housing Inc.

To address the need for seniors housing, the Rural Municipality of Springfield formed Springfield Heritage Housing Inc.  The RM of Springfield is the sole member of SHHI and is responsible for appointing its Board of Directors. 

The current Board of Directors of SSHI, appointed in January of 2021 includes three councillors and three community members:

Council Members

Community Members

Mayor Patrick Therrien
Lesley Thomson, Chairperson.
Councillor Glen Fuhl
Beverly Zarazun, Secretary Treasurer
Councillor Mark Miller
Randy Williams, Springfield Seniors Non-Profit Housing Co-op


Quality Seniors Housing is critical to ensure Springfield residents can remain in the municipality near their friends, family and social networks as they age.  The RM of Springfield is aware that there are not sufficient senior housing units, such as assisted living and supportive housing, to ensure residents remain in Springfield.  

Experience indicates that local governments who support seniors housing development help drive local economic development and retain as well as grow their population.

Helping seniors stay connected to the community is a priority for Springfield Heritage Housing Inc.