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Handi Van Service

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The objectives of the Municipality of Springfield Handi-Van Service are to provide flexible and supportive transportation services for persons with mobility limitations and to assist community groups with transportation when time permits. These will be accomplished by:

  • Providing necessary assistance to clients from the point of pick-up to the point of destination
  • Ensuring that vehicles are maintained in a safe manner according to industry standards
  • Being flexible and helpful in arranging transportation services
  • Fostering and maintaining an attitude of respect for all clients
  • Working with community groups to ensure needs are continuously met
  • Maintaining punctuality in transporting citizens

User Priority:

Priority will be given to residents of Springfield who:

  • Use a wheelchair or mobility aid regardless of age (i.e. walker, cane, etc.)
  • Are visually impaired to the extent that they cannot operate a motor vehicle
  • Are hearing impaired to the extent that they cannot operate a motor vehicle
  • Have lost their divers license due to a medical condition (i.e. seizures. etc.)
  • Are travelling to an event that has demonstrated community benefit and who may otherwise not be able to attend such an event

Booking Procedures:

Patrons are to call the Program Coordinator at 204-444-6166 or email Jessie Chase.  A minimum of 72 hours notice is preferred for personal use and one week for charter trips. Regular users can book the Handi-Van in blocks of up to three months at a time. When booking, patrons need to provide:

  • Date Handi-Van service is required
  • Nature of trip (charter, medical appointment, etc.)
  • Pick-up location
  • Destination
  • Call back number

Cancellation Procedure:

Cancellation by client

It is required that if a patron has booked a trip, but no longer requires the transport that they provide notification, within a reasonable time to the Program Coordinator that they no longer require that service. If notification is not given, the patron will be billed for the trip.

Cancellation of Trips by Handi-Van Operator

If Springfield Handi-Van drivers need to cancel trips due to dangerous road conditions, extreme weather, or mechanical breakdown, they will contact the individual who made the travel arrangements.

Extreme weather

The Springfield Handi-Van Service will not operate if the temperature is -35 degrees Celsius or colder (without wind chill) or -45 degrees Celsius or colder with a wind chill.

Springfield Handi-Van Service Rates

Medical appointmentsFlat rate$30
Group CharterFlat rate$50
Loaded Charter Km
$.85 each
Loaded Medical Km
$.65 each
Waiting time
$21.95 per hour