The Trading Post

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The Hillside Waste Transfer Station Trading Post is now officially open! The Trading Post typically operates between April 1 and October 31, weather permitting, and is open during the same hours as the Hillside Waste Transfer Station:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

CLOSED on Mondays.

The Trading Post is located at 25082 Hillside Road (67N) / NE 5-12-5E.

Hillside Waste Transfer Station Trading Post

For a list of the Waste Transfer Station Trading Post Rules.  


The Hillside WTS Trading Post allows for RM of Springfield residents to drop off items that are still useable but no longer needed by the homeowner. These items are made available to any RM of Springfield resident who would like to reuse these items. The idea is to reduce the disposal of good items such as bikes and other household goods that otherwise would be thrown away.

The facility will not accept any couches, mattresses, stuffed chairs, linens or propane tanks. The Trading Post is open during normal operating times for the Hillside Waste Transfer Station & Recycling Center.


Operational and general Guidelines

Persons using the Trading Post must show their RM of Springfield Waste Transfer Station Access Card (WTSAC) to gain entry to the facility. Only Residents or qualifying property owners with Waste Transfer Station Access Cards may take from, or donate to, the Trading Post.

Items may be left or taken during the normal hours of facility operation.

Items for re-use must be separated and placed in an orderly fashion as to ensure there are no safety and / or tripping hazards created.

Items taken from the Trading Post are intended for personal use only and are not to be resold, as this is for all RM residents to benefit from equally. The intent is to make items available to all eligible persons and not allow one or a few people to monopolize the facility for personal gain.

The Trading Post is not intended to be a resource for dealers, metal salvagers, or other type of recycling businesses.

Acceptable items may vary depending on space and other considerations.

Waste Transfer Station attendants have discretion to refuse items and require that they be disposed of in the waste bins or recycle bins as the case may be.

Users of the Trading Post are encouraged to remain at the Trading Post for no longer than 15-20 minutes during any one visit to allow other residents an opportunity to view and take items.

When users are visiting the Trading Post, at no time can vehicles be parked that block any part of the Waste Transfer Station Operations.

First come, first serve and no items shall be held or reserved.

No RM of Springfield employee shall take or reserve items for themselves or others.

Items left at the Trading Post for more than fourteen (14) days may be disposed of.

Items Allowed or Restricted

The Trading Post is open to donation of items that are safe, hygienic, and not broken. Items must still be functional, contain all necessary parts, and in working order.

Specific areas will be available for storage and re-use of items that have been discarded, but might have a second life. Items for re-use will include: Books, toys, household items and small appliances. Also accepted are bicycles, lawn mowers, yard tools and other useful metal or small engine items, and clean lumber.

Functioning televisions, computers and accessories are accepted. DVD's and CD's are accepted. 

No clothing or non-working appliances will be accepted.

No Child Car Seats (regardless of age and/or expiry) will be accepted.

No hazardous and / or restricted materials are accepted.


Items in the Trading Post carry no warranty or guarantee, will be taken at one's own risk, and the Municipality assumes no liability for any items removed.

Persons removing any material or device do so at their own risk and cannot hold the RM of Springfield liable for any problems that might occur as a result of removing or reusing discarded material or devices.

Residents are encouraged to submit ideas or suggestions relative to the Trading Post to the Water and Waste Department.