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Public Works

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The Public Works Department is located at: Unit 2 – 27 055 Oakwood Road.   
To contact our office at 204-444-2241. 

Regular Hours of Operation are:   
Monday to Thursday - 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  
Friday - 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  
Please note that the office is closed daily between 12:00 and 12:30 PM. 

The Public Works Department’s objective is to provide quality, efficient services that meet and support the infrastructure demands of the Rural Municipality of Springfield, and enhance the quality of life for our residents, businesses and visitors through the construction, operation and maintenance of a safe and effective environment. In addition, the Public Works Department ensures responsible policies, plans, standards and operations related to the road infrastructure, fleet equipment, building maintenance and materiel management services are in place. 

The primary responsibilities of a public works department typically include: 

Infrastructure Maintenance 
Responsible for maintaining and repairing essential infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, sidewalks, and drainage systems. This includes regular inspections, repairs, and improvements to ensure the safety and functionality of these assets. 

Fleet and Equipment Maintenance 
Oversee the purchase and maintenance of RM’s vehicles and equipment, including police cars, fire trucks, snowplows, light and heavy equipment.

Snow and Ice Removal 
Effective snow and ice removal to keep roads and sidewalks safe for travel during winter months. 

Emergency Response 
Play a role in disaster preparedness and response, such as flood control, emergency road repairs, and other critical infrastructure support during emergencies. 

Permitting and Inspections
Responsible for conducting inspections of construction projects and ensuring that new developments meet safety and environmental standards. 

Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives 
Implementing and promoting environmentally friendly practices, such as energy-efficient lighting, green building standards, and sustainable transportation options. 

Traffic Management 
Managing traffic flow, signage, and signals to ensure safe and efficient transportation within the community. 

Community Engagement 
Engaging with the community to gather input on infrastructure priorities and inform residents about ongoing projects and developments. 

Urban Planning 
Participating in urban planning and development projects to ensure that new infrastructure and public spaces meet the community's needs. 

Budget Management 
Efficiently managing the department's budget to make the best use of available funds for infrastructure maintenance and improvements. 

The goal of a municipal Public Works Department is to improve the quality of life for residents by maintaining and enhancing essential public infrastructure and services. These departments are critical to the functioning and development of a municipality, as they ensure that essential services and infrastructure are available and properly maintained for the well-being and safety of the community.  

The Public Works Department Staff of the R.M. (Rural Municipality) of Springfield has a workforce consisting of permanent employees, seasonal staff and accommodates several summer students through provincial programing during the summer months. 

Public Works Management team:  

Blaine Moffat – Director of Public Works

Mike Wels – Public Works Manager 

Nikolaus Homuth – Project Manager 

Chris Kellner– Transportation Supervisor-Maintenance Supervisor

The RM of Springfield has an approximate land area of 1,080 square kilometers (417 square miles). The Public Works Department has two public works yards, one situated in the town of Oakbank, and the other located in the town of Anola. The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of the following types of roads:  

Paved Roads121 km (75 mi)
Gravel Roads805 km (500 mi)
Dirt Roads167 km (103 mi)
Total1,093 km (678 mi) which equate to 2,160 lane kilometers (1,356 lane miles)

The Public Works Department operates seven municipally owned gravel pits.  

The municipal-owned aggregate operation is managed by the Public Works department and is involved in the extraction, processing, and distribution of aggregate materials.  

Here are some key points about the Municipalities aggregate operations: 

Aggregate Materials 
Extract and process natural resources like sand, gravel, or crushed stone from our local deposits. These materials are used in construction projects for roads, bridges, buildings, and other infrastructure. 

Operations are subject to local and regional regulations and permits, which dictate how the extraction and processing of aggregate materials are conducted. Environmental and safety standards are often closely monitored to minimize negative impacts on the surrounding area. 

Community Benefits 
Municipal-owned aggregate operations provide economic benefits to the local community by creating jobs and generating revenue for the Municipality through the sale of materials to contractors and construction companies, as well as save monies on the purchase of aggregate from third parties. 

Infrastructure Projects 
The aggregate materials produced by this operation are used in local infrastructure projects, which can lead to cost savings and a more reliable supply of construction materials for public works. 

Environmental Considerations
The RM puts emphasis on environmental sustainability and land reclamation, ensuring that the extraction sites are responsibly managed, and that areas are restored after the aggregate resources have been depleted. 

The following are linked documents and maps regarding snow and ice removal: 

Snow and Ice Clearing Removal Policy

Dugald (Sidewalks)

Oakbank (Sidewalks)

Anola (Sidewalks)