Utility Billing & Services

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Quarterly Utility Billings

Water & Sewer Utility Billings for the Municipality are calculated quarterly and are mailed out every March, June, September and December with the due date being the last day of the following month.

If you are serviced by municipal water, sewer or both and do not receive a bill every 3 months, you should contact the R.M. of Springfield Water and Waste Department office at 204-444-7359 to avoid outstanding balances and penalties.  Penalties are assessed at a rate of 1.25% immediately following the due date, and on the first day of each consecutive month until paid in full.

Want to sign up for paperless billing? Please visit Virtual City Hall and log in to your account. Click on the Welcome icon on the top right hand side of the menu bar and navigate to "eBilling Signup". From here you may check the box of the account number you would like to set up for paperless billing; your selections will be automatically saved.

Purchasing or Selling a property in the RM of Springfield?

If you have recently purchased or sold your property, please contact the Water and Waste Department 204-444-7359 to finalize your account, or to open a new account.  If you are a water customer, prior to vacating your premises - please provide us with a final water meter reading. If you are not able to provide a reading, please contact us as soon as possible to arrange for a meter reading to be done. We will also require your new forwarding address so we can send you your final billing.

Water Conservation

Protecting sustainable water and natural resources is one of the RM of Springfield’s priorities in its Strategic Plan. We encourage all residents to conserve water. Here are some tips to help you conserve and save some money on your water bills at the same time.

  • Consider a low-flush or dual flush toilet, which can save 40% of the water used per flush;
  • Use less water in the tub or take shorter showers;
  • Install water efficient showerheads;
  • When shaving, or brushing your teeth, don’t leave the water running;
  • Watering lawns / gardens at night decreases evaporation;
  • Wash only full loads of laundry;
  • Buy dishwashers or clothing washers that conserve water use;
  • Check every faucet. A slow drip can waste 70 to 90 liters per day – that’s about 30,000 liters per year.

For more information on water conservation tips

Customer Septic Number (RMS Number)

The RM of Springfield requires that all Municipal residences and businesses requiring a septic tank or holding tank be pumped, and septage dumped at the Springfield Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility, have a customer number (RMS Number). This 4-digit number is used by the Water and Waste Department and the septic haulers to ensure that only Springfield residences and business’ septage and waste is dumped at the RWWTF.

The form is easy to fill out and requires only your name, mailing and civic address, contact information, and the type of tank you have, whether it is septic or holding, how many liters it holds, and how often it is usually pumped out.

The form is available below, or call Water and Waste department at 204-444-7359 and we can fax or email a form to you. Or you can drop by our office and fill one out.

Customer Wastewater Application Form

It takes only a minute, and we will provide a number usually the same day, and we can get the number to you the same way, by fax, email, or we can provide it right after you have filled out the form in our office.

Our licensed septic haulers have agreed to spread the word about the number, and we thank them for helping us out. When you contact them for a septage pump out, they will advise you to obtain a number, you can then contact us, fill out the form and we will provide the number, you can then call them back and give them the number and receive your pump out. 

As a reminder, the Water and Waste Department advises that dumping of septic tanks into the RWWTF is prohibited between October 15th and June 1st of the following year as required by the Environment Act License and set by the Province.  Holding tanks can be dumped year-round.

It is fast and easy! We thank you for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience, but this is one time only, the number will run with the property, and once you have it you never need to do it again, just give the number to your septic hauler when you call for a septic pump out.

 Wastewater Disposal Vehicle License Policy - WWD14-02 - Res 20-457

Water and Wastewater Utility Rate Application Public Utilities Board (PUB) 

The RM of Springfield and the Water and Waste Department are required the Public Utilities Board (PUB) to review its water and sewer rates and charges on a periodic basis. The previous PUB rate study occurred in 2015.

In 2020, the PUB made the request of the Municipality to review its rates and charges to reflect costs of operating the Utility.

A copy of the latest application can be found here:                2020 PUB Application and Rate Study 

The PUB reviewed the RM of Springfield's application and approved it on January 11th, 2022. The RM of Springfield Council read By-law 20-21 for a third time and passed in on January 18, 2022.

PUB Order No. 3/22 is available in PDF format as per below.

PUB Order No. 3/22