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Property Tax

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The name and address which appear on your tax statement are in accordance with the information and advice which have been made available to the Municipal Office. If the property is in the process of a change of ownership, it is the responsibility of the person so named on the tax bill to ensure payment is made. If, however, an ownership change has since occurred, please forward the enclosed bill to the current owner or return it immediately to the Municipal Office.
It is important that the Municipal Office be advised of any change in ownership or mailing address in order to ensure that the tax bill is properly forwarded. It should be noted that failure to receive a tax bill does not excuse a property owner from the responsibility for payment of taxes nor relieve that owner from liability for any late payment. Tax arrears and penalties must be paid in full before payment can be applied to current taxes. 

2023 Property Tax Insert 

Education Property Tax Credit  

Manitoba will begin phasing out education property taxes by implementing the Education Property Tax Rebate. Property owners will receive an Education Property Tax Rebate cheque to reduce a portion of their education property taxes, enabling them to keep more of their hard earned money.  No application is required.

For 2021, owners of residential and farm properties will receive a 25 per cent rebate of the school division special levy payable. Residential properties include single dwelling units, condos and multiple unit dwellings. The Education Property Tax Rebate will be based on the school division special levy before the Education Property Tax Credit Advance.

As part of the Education Property Tax Rebate, other tax credits and rebates will be proportionally reduced as follows: 

Tax Credit and Rebate Amounts




Education Property Tax Credit and Advance

Up to $438

Up to $350

Seniors School Tax Rebate

Up to $294
Minus 1.25% on family net
income over $40,000

Up to $235
Minus 1.0% on family net
income over $40,000

Seniors Education Property Tax Credit

Up to $250
Minus .625% of family net income

Up to $200
Minus 0.5% of family net income

Farmland School Tax Rebate

Up to 50% of school tax to
a maximum of $3,125

Up to 40% of school tax to
a maximum of $2,500

Note: Farm property owners must still apply for the Farmland School Tax Rebate.


The T.I.P.P.S program allows the municipality to withdraw monthly deductions from your financial institution to pay for property taxes. There is no fee to this service. Deadline to apply is April 30th each year. For more information call the Administration office at 204-444-3321. Application forms are available at the Administration Office, or click below:

It is important to keep your address current for property assessment and taxation purposes. Please notify the administration office of any changes.

Change of Address Form


The 2024 Board of Revision will be held November 16, 2023 at the Administration Office.  Please note, depending on the number of appeals received, multiple Board of Revision dates may be booked.  You may appeal your assessment based on the following reasons: amount of assessed value, whether your property has been put in the correct property class, whether your property should be exempt from both municipal and/or school taxes, refusal by an assessor to amend the assessment roll based on a written application.  The final date on which applications will be accepted is October 31st, 2023.  Appeals can be delivered to the Administration Office, 100 Springfield Centre Drive, Box 219, Oakbank, Manitoba R0E 1J0, by email or by fax (204) 444-2137.  For more information on Property Assessment visit or call the Selkirk Assessment Branch Toll Free 1-866-262-9786.

Agent/Representative Authorization Form

2023 Board of Revision Appeal Application


Property taxes are determined by dividing your total portioned assessment by 1,000 and multiple by the appropriate mill rate.

Combined Mill Rate (Municipal and School) for 2023

School DivisionFarmResidentialCommercial
Louis Riel21.551
Seine River21.93821.93830.078


103 - 235 Eaton Avenue
Selkirk, MB R1A 0W7
Phone: 785-5092
Toll Free: 1-866-262-9786
Fax: 785-5155

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