Snow & Ice Removal

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Winter Road Safety Tips around Snow Clearing Equipment

The purpose of the Snow and Ice Clearing Removal Policy shall be to establish a quality standard for snow clearing, snow removal and sanding of streets, roads, sidewalks and Municipally owned properties within the RM of Springfield.

Level 1:
Snowfall amounts of less than 5 cm
This does not require a full snow clearing operation, although some minor clearing might be done at the Director or his designates discretion.  Ice control and sanding might be necessary within some urban, rural and industrial areas depending on various factors including: temperature, forecast, wind conditions, traffic volumes and previous sanding.
Level 2:
Snowfall amounts of 5 cm up to 15 cm (accumulative)
A cleanup will be done within urban, rural and industrial areas beginning on the first regular work day following the snowfall.  Snow removal shall be done in order of priority within each respective area.
Level 3:
Snowfall amounts of 15 cm or more
A cleanup of urban, rural and industrial areas will be initiated shortly after snowfall has ceased.  In situations where snowfall ends late in the day or evening, clearing operations shall commence the following morning.  Operations shall be done in order of priority.
The municipality devotes a great deal of time and resources to keep streets, roads and sidewalks clear of snow and ice. Residents often deposit snow, slush and ice form their property onto the roadways and sidewalks not realizing that this contravenes municipal regulations and contributes to unsafe driving and walking conditions and increases the cost of providing winter road maintenance.